Cynet partner Teleconsys

Cynet, pioneers of the all-in-one detection, prevention and response platform and Teleconsys, announced the signing of a partnership agreement, to provide the Cynet solution to the Italian market. This agreement covers the sale of Cynet’s holistic cybersecurity platform, providing all the capabilities an organization needs to keep their organization safe from cyberattack. The Cynet platform secures the internal environment of organizations of every size, deploying and integrating across thousands of endpoints in minutes, and providing 24/7 backing through its frontline CyOps, a 24/7 Cyber SWAT team made up of SOC experts. Mirko Leanza, Teleconsys CISO,

“Working with Cynet is an opportunity for us to bring the industry’s leading best-in-class security solution to our customers, including resource-constrained organziations. The all-in-one Cynet platform gives companies a single, user-friendly solution to ensure security in today’s rapidly changing threatscape. Cynet’s multivector approach of analyzing and correlating activity on networks, endpoints, users and files gives customers an unmatched level of visibility into activity within the organization.”

“Partnering with Teleconsys allows Cynet to bring our platform to the Italian market in cooperation with one of the region’s leading security providers,” said Eyal Gruner, Cynet founder and co-CEO. “Teleconsys customers are about to experience a new, proactive level of security with the Cynet platform’s comprehensive offerings, allowing them to quickly identify and react to threats, including via automated remediation.”

Cynet 360 is an all-in-one software platform that secures the internal network of organizations, providing them with enterprise-grade security, regardless of their size or available resources. In under 2-hours, the Cynet platform deploys and begins detecting across thousands of endpoints, backing organizational security teams with complete visibility into traffic and communications.  Cynet’s CyOPs 24/7 cyber SWAT team provides frontline SOC expertise, preventing and responding to threats as they occur, giving an organization the confidence to go about its daily business with total peace-of-mind.